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Do you ever stop to question the cost or value of your car service? Your car always seems to be running well, so why does it need to be taken into your local garage every year?


Your car is a pretty complicated piece of machinery, and it needs regular attention if it's going to carry on performing at its best. But if you stopped servicing your car, how would you know when it starts to deteriorate?


One of the main benefits of proper car servicing is that your car is significantly more economical on fuel when it's running properly. Most of us spend a fair chunk of our money on the forecourt every year, and regular servicing helps to keep that spend to a minimum.


For example, a clogged air filter alone can increase your fuel consumption by a massive 10%! For many people, a saving of 10% on their annual fuel bill will cover the cost of servicing alone.


While servicing is something that's recommended as essential by every car manufacturer, the actual service procedure varies from vehicle to vehicle. We appreciate that  sometimes you don't need a full service. So even if your car is under warranty, we offer a range of service types to meet your exact needs, meaning you don't need to pay a penny more than you need to.




If something goes wrong with your car, do you worry about finding an honest and reputable car repair garage?


Whether you drive a Mini or a Mercedes, we cater for every make and model of car and we are experienced in everything from changing a wheel to complex engine diagnostics.


Here are some of the more common car repairs we offer to satisfied customers on a daily basis:


  • Air conditioning

  • Battery replacement

  • Brakes and shock-absorbers

  • Clutch replacement

  • Engine diagnostics and repair

  • Engine management 

  • Exhaust replacement and repair

  • Oil and Filter Change

  • MOT repairs

  • Servicing

  • Timing Belts

  • Warranty repairs

  • Wheel alignment (tracking)


Call us now to book an appointment or to discuss your requirements.

If you're worried about the expense of car repairs, or don't understand how an invoice is calculated, you've come to the right place.


Here at Queens Hill Motors  we believe in complete honesty and transparency when it comes to pricing and you'll always find our invoices match our quotes. And if we find that the price we quoted needs to be adjusted for any reason, we wont carry out any further work unless we speak to you first.

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